Mapacho, Our Traditional Tobacco

Mapacho is a powerful type of natural tobacco with no artificial chemicals. We see it differently from cigarettes as it does not cause cancer for us, but is used by our Andean and Amazonian shamans as an essential ingredient for wachuma and ayahuasca ceremonies. Also known as rustic nicotine, or wild tobacco, it is considered a staple / main plant as its use has come down to us through the generations.

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In the imperial city of Cusco, you can find mapacho in the traditional markets of San Pedro or Cascaparo in the section of medicinal plants or natural medicines. The landlords, the vendors, sell it in packages or in bulk and ground by weight. The pack costs 5 soles and for this reason you receive 100 raccoons, already rolled up for you to smoke. If you buy by weight, your minimum purchase is around 2 soles.
We don’t believe that wild tobacco contains the chemicals found in brand name cigarettes, such as tar, acetone, phenols or hydrogen cyanide. It is a better option for the regular smoker. It appears that tars are the main substance responsible for tumors, as they adhere to the sides of the mouth, pharynx and bronchi when smoking.

In our mystical city, wild tobacco is associated with the sacred and the divine, according to our healers. It is never related to the disease. I remember that on many occasions I have seen Andean and Amazonian shamans perform their cures with their patients by throwing mapacho smoke at them. They smoke tobacco and blow it into their patients’ bodies to purify their energies and chase away heavy spirits.

Mapacho comes to our city from the Amazon jungle. The traders supply it to the landlords. They brought it from Pucallpa or Puerto Maldonado. According to the hostess Isabel, the strongest mapacho comes from Pucallpa. Some teachers and some tourists prefer the stronger product, because they say that in ceremonies the smell calms and harmonizes the atmosphere of the place. They also buy it to make offers and dispatches for Pachamama.

Mapacho is a good option to help you quit smoking branded cigarettes. Remember that your dose can turn you into medicine or poison.

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